Birth Preparation Class

Are you and your birth partner looking for a live in person antenatal class to help prepare you for the birth of your baby? Then this is the place to be as our all new antenatal class is being offered to share hints, tips, education, knowledge and confidence for you both for the birth.  Not everyone has access to a doula, so we wanted to create an opportunity where we can share our knowledge and support expectant parents on their journey for preparing for birth. If you not sure what a doula is you can find more about that here. 

Prenatal Mediation

Over the last 18 months a lot of classes have gone online and stayed online, this has been difficult for some that would prefer to see people and talk through their childbirth preparation with someone. Our classes are designed to promote CHOICE, to EMPOWER you as parents and give you the CONFIDENCE to prepare for birthing your baby however that might be.

What will the class help me with?

The class is run over 3 hours, and the whole idea is to give you lots of practical resources that can help you and your baby in preparation for birth and that you can use throughout birth. 

What does the class cover?

The practical elements the class covers for you and your partner are; 

Explanation of vaginal birth

We will teach you TWO BREATHING techniques for pregnancy and labour

Birth ball/Peanut ball demonstration and practice

Massage for pregnancy and labour

Positions for pregnancy and labour - known as BIO-Mechanics (this is not taught in most other antenatal classes)

Birth Partner Activity - What is my role?

Relaxation - Guided Meditation 

Birth Wishes - Discussing your birth preferences

Most of these are not taught in standard antenatal education!

The session is ran by 2 experienced doulas who support birth and teach antenatal classes across Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry.  There are 10 places available at each class. Refreshments and a light snack are available throughout the class. 

Is there any additional support after the class?

We think continuing support after the class is so important - so we give you options of additional services we offer such as a one to one session in your own home and breastfeeding support, as well as providing you with a password to some additional online resources specifically designed for you - this includes some resources for parenting too. 

The classes are designed specifically to give you options to help you within labour, we feel this is so important given how Covid has impacted on maternity services. 

We feel all women and birthing people have a right to be safe, given proper information to make informed decision. 


North Solihull Sports Center


Saturday 26th February 2022

1.30pm - 4.30pm


This price is per expectant parent and covers up to 2 places.  

Each expectant parent will receive our expectant parent goody bag. 


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All of what is covered in this class is backed by evidenced based research to give optimal chance for a positive birth experience.  We support peoples choices in birth and we make no judgments of any decisions you make for the birth of your baby. We will share this evidence with you so help you feel more informed about preparing for birth. Our experience of supporting families in a home and hospital setting will give you insight into your options for a comfortable birth. 

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