MHAW: I think you are “anxious”…..

Well what does that mean? Anxiety…..well that’s what I have been told by the doctor. After having my second child anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks…….the “anxiety” wasn’t directed at my children but I just developed this massive worry that I was going to die and leave my 2 beautiful children behind. It was mad because I actually found myself debating with myself thinking “why not me, what is to stop me from developing cancer and dying?” I felt physically different the worry I had developed was causing me to have physical symptoms such as tummy pains, dry mouth, burning up and heart palpitations. It was horrid. I felt like I was visiting my doctor every week for the duration of my prec

Will I fail my Kids.........

Well I don't think I will, I maybe too early to tell. However this is a conversation that people will either agree or disagree and although it makes no odds to me what other people do think it's important to me as a mother to feel encouraged and motivated. I've been having conversations of late about women working (whether that be for themselves or an employer) and having a family. I am staring my own business and I began to question if I was an awful mother who was prioritising work over being with my children? Am I failing day by day as a mother because ok, I don't listen to my children read every night, or I sometimes don't do extra-curricular maths with them or because I let them in

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