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Who's vagina is this? You might disrespect yourself and have no regard for your own body but actually just because I am a labouring woman doesn't mean I hand my vagina over to you willingly and easily.

I am writing this blog because I have learnt the beauty and function...

Fear is a feeling we experience in many aspects of life. When we experience Fear in pregnancy it is very often about the pregnancy, birth or parenthood. Many women don’t ever realise how this can impact on our unborn child and the outcomes of our birth. Fear causes wor...

Well for me HypnoBirthing; The Mongan Method was definitely "to be".  I can say that it didn’t go without scepticism.  In all honesty what brought

me to HypnoBirthing was a very scary bleed at 24weeks+2 and a very burning desire to spend time in my pregnancy.  Hav...

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