HypnoBirthing ~ 20 minutes before my baby is born.

Every Birth Matters ~ Hypnobirthing


Your Birth Matters….. you maybe feeling worried, stressed or anxious about giving birth and becoming a parent. You may not really know what is expected to happen during labour?

Whether this is your first, second, third or fourth baby you have made a good choice in looking at your birth preparation options.  Hypnobirthing is about Instinctive birthing, this means you using your own instincts to feel and know what is right for you birthing your baby. Do you trust your instincts?


Childbirth doesn’t have to be a fearful, stressful, painful or anxious time.  It can be a time where you feel relaxed, calm, prepared, supported, in control and in some cases pain free.  In control I hear you say……. hypnobirthing doesn’t promise a natural delivery but in a high percentage of births it does contribute as a factor to a natural delivery.  No matter what circumstances arise during your birth, hypnobirthing can complement your experience of a more comfortable, calm positive birth. 


What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete birth education programme, which will prepare your mind and give you the tools to focus on a relaxed positive birth experience.  The elements are;


Self Hypnosis





Within the classes you and your birth partner are invited to prepare for your desired birth whilst teaching you the art of using your own natural birthing instincts.  You will always be aware and fully in control, but profoundly relaxed through the various activities we do.


During the sessions we aim to reduce fear and anxieties and build on self-confidence, empowerment and knowledge for your birth.  The sessions will explore many other things like your choices, legislation, birth preferences, birth companions and will explore what you envisage for your birth. In the  sessions we will practice relaxation and visualisation activities that will begin to prepare you for your birth. My hypnobirthing group sessions are delivered in a relaxed and calm environment within Solihull and Birmingham.  Outside of the sessions you are encouraged to continue preparing for birth by doing a range of different self preparation activities by yourself and with your birth companion.


Women have said their ideal positive birth is to be informed and empowered ~ my sessions will give you this. I cant tell you how your birth will be but using hypnobirthing you can certainly feel calm and relaxed within your birthing journey.  Feel empowered to birth your way.

As part of the course you will receive your own hypnobirthing book, two Relaxation Tracks, a folder with all handouts plus access to a private Every Birth Matters hypnobirthing group online, where continual support will take place through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

I will be there for you to contact should you need some additional support or someone to talk too.


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