Introductory Workshops

These workshops are two hours long and they are completed online via zoom. You will receive a E-Certificate of your attendance, which will display the learning outcomes of the session. These sessions are interactive and a way for you to build your knowledge and skills within the the subject areas. You can list this course on your UCAS form as part of other training attended. 

Self Emergence

Self development workshop aims to draw out your focus and strengths to progress.

Personal Safety

Exploring how to keep yourself whilst out in the community as well as in the workplace.

Domestic Abuse

Exploring the topic of domestic abuse in pregnancy as well as how this impacts on children.

Stress & Anxiety

Exploring stress and anxiety and how this effects pregnant women, how can we help?

Self Emergence Workshop

Learning outcomes:

 - To meet new people and encourage one another

 - To identify your strengths and focus

 - To explore your inner individual desires

 - To understand how the social environment impacts on our growth and development

 - To explore your picture of desires

 - To understand your view of yourself and the journey ahead.

Personal Safety

Learning outcomes

 - To be able to put risks into perspective

 - Define what is meant by violence

 - Identify strategies for safer working

 - Assessing and making informed choices

 - Defusing and Deflating

 - Action planning

This includes a workbook for you to download

Domestic Abuse

Learning outcomes:

 - Identify domestic abuse

 - Understand how domestic abuse develops 

 - Identify behaviours of perpetrators 

 - Identify how domestic abuse impacts on a pregnant mother and children

 - Identify ways of supporting women through domestic abuse - how to ask the question.

 - Understand responsibility for reporting domestic abuse

Stress and Anxiety

Learning outcomes:

 - To explore what stress is

 - To explore what anxiety is and look at the cycle of anxiety

 - To identify negative and positive coping strategies

 - To explore what mental health looks like

 - To identify mental health changes in pregnancy

Refund Policy: 
Your right to cancel and receive a full refund starts the moment you pay your course fee to secure your place and ends after 14 days. If you select to have a refund at ANY point within the 14 days this will deduct a £5 administration charge.  No refunds issued after 14 days. You may be able to transfer onto another course depending on availability.

If you have any questions you can contact me

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