Pregnancy Aromatherapy Relaxation Session

Relax.........My baby is coming.

Are you taking some time to think about your pregnancy and birth?  Are you taking time to communicate with your baby? 

Taking time to relax is really important, spending time in your pregnancy is important preparation for when you give birth and becoming a mother.  It can sometimes be easier to think it than actually do it.

What is involved?

In the session will have a catch up on how you are feeling to discover any stresses or tension.

You can choose to have a: 

Relaxation post dates aroma massage (feet or back), or

Relaxation hypnosis script


Whatever you choose you can relax with some soft lighting, relaxing soothing music in a safe secure environment.

I will initiate some light relaxation and this is done through your own imagination, I will then initiate the relaxation method you have chosen. 

The direct massage or relaxation will take approximately 20-25 minutes. The session will include a safe and well assessment to ensure the treatment is carried out safely. 


1 x Post dates Aroma Massage


4 x Post dates massage/relaxation

Appointments are 1 hour long and are available at various times and are in your own home. 

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