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Diploma in Antenatal Education

Becoming a Certified Antenatal Educator.

If you have a passion for wanting pregnant women and their partner to feel informed about all things relating to Pregnancy, Birth and early Parenting then this can be a worthy qualification for you.  Teaching antenatal education is about facilitating activities where women and men can explore and understand their options and choices for birth.  They can gain information from you to help them make informed decisions about their care and preferences for birth.  We help initiate discussion and help women to prepare for birthing their babies. It is useful for antenatal educators to have local knowledge about maternity care providers within the geographical areas they teach.

No formal qualifications are required to do the course - just a passion for pregnancy and birth.

Course content includes: 


* Communication Skills   

* Psychology

* Anatomy of the pregnant body

* Teaching Skills 


Covering the subjects;


  • Understanding of the 3 stages of Birth

  • An Assisted Birth, C-Section, Induction, Natural birthing Choices (water birth etc)

  • Birth/labour Interventions

  • Hospital and Home Birth Choices 

  • Pain relief Options and their effects upon both Mum and Baby

  • Making Decisions based on well informed Choices -Being prepared!

  • Benefits of an experienced Birth Partner 

  • Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding techniques - Benefits to both mum and baby

  • The role of Hormones in pregnancy and after

  • Duty of Care  - Professionalism    

  • Combined with the Doula Preparation topics


A Training Manual is supplied plus many other resources.

How does the learning run?

You will need to attend the 2 day training which is set up in a workshop environment. These 2 days we will cover varying activities in order for you to maximise your learning and build on your confidence for becoming a educator. The workshops are usually run over a weekend within the following time scales;


Day 1 ~ 9am - 8pm

Day 2 ~ 9am - 6pm

There is a pre-course assignment to complete prior to attending the workshop, after the workshop has been attended you will then have access to all the other assignments to complete at your own leisure but within 12 months of the workshop.  As your tutor I will be able to support you through this should you need it. The assignments are designed for you to complete and submit online or via email.  Please be aware that the workshop will include a Mini-Micro teaching session (no preparation will be needed).


No certificates can be issued until all assignments are complete.  You will be expected to attend an antenatal class (either NHS or private run) for observation as well as holding your own pre-class before Certification.

This course is designed to test your knowledge, encourage personal learning as well as some hands on theory training which is facilitated through the assignments.

How much is the course?

The full Antenatal Educator course is £750.

Next course: TBA

This includes:

  • Workshop ~ Including refreshments and lunch/evening meal.

  • Tutorial Support for assignments

  • Resources

  • Online Educator/Doula Support group specifically for Every Birth Matters Educators/Doula's

  • Free online Educator/Doula listing on Every Birth Matters Website (if you have EBM mentoring)

  • 10% off any Every Birth Matters workshops


Once you have applied for the course and full payment has been made, you will receive the Training Manual. Full payment must be received at least 1 week before the workshop begins.  You can secure your place now with a non-refundable deposit of £100.


This course is delivered on behalf of Bumps2babies - Childbirth Education 


You may need to purchase/borrow/rent some research books for the assignments.

If you have any further questions please do contact me.




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