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We are so happy to have these materials available for you as part of our extended learning with E-learning modules for birth workers, doulas and aspiring & student midwives.  Course that are currently available are below - click on the course to register - you will have access to all available courses: New courses will be added throughout so please continue to access the sessions here and check for new updated content. 

You can access to course online via desktop, laptop or phone. you can download the EdApp to complete the courses on your phone.  Being online will help with access to links. 

Courses with ** have been provided by a 3rd party provider.  Please let me know if there are any links that are not working here

We are always upgrading the course content and adding new courses. 

To access these e-learning modules is £25 per learning set - So choose which learning set you want to begin with. 

Step 1 - Make your payment on PayPal

Step 2 - Click on one of the course links below and register - Access of your enrollment is activated the Monday following payment and Registration. 

Step 3 - Log in and learn - all courses issue a certificate of completion at the end. 

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LGBQT+ Awareness

Building an understanding of supporting families who identify with LGBQT+

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby

The power of empathy

Exploring the power of empathy with children and with each other. **


Understand Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and how to support.

Lonely Traveller

Personal Safety

Exploring some tips on how to keep safe when lone working. 


Termination of Pregnancy

Develop understanding of termination. 

Eating Disorders in pregnancy

An intro into eating disorders written by Sophie Curran**, Adapted by Katy Hemus

c section scar.jpg

Caesarean Birth

Develop better understanding of a c-section birth and how to support.


Bloodborn Pathogens

Explore more about bloodborn pathogens and limit risk. **

Routine Checkup

Consent in Maternity

Understand consent and you role in obtaining proper consent. 

Nursing Newborn

Infant Feeding

Develop understanding about infant feeding in maternity. 


Sepsis Awareness

Develop understanding of Sepsis. **


Gender Equality

An opportunity to explore more about the different in gender equality. **

First Aid Kit

Basic First Aid

Understand how to deal with common injuries and problems. **


Domestic abuse 

Understand domestic abuse behaviors and impacts on pregnancy.



Develop your understanding of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections. **

Writing a Diary

Personal Statement Course

A range of activities to begin writing your personal statement for university. 

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Available January 2024

Yoga teaching

Training the Trainer

Building knowledge and awareness on facilitating groups.

Woman getting ultrasound


An opportunity to explore and understand conception of pregnancy.

Assisted Water Birth

Hypnobirthing Introduction

An opportunity to learn more about Hypnobirthing.

Newborn Baby with Mom

Group B Strep

An introduction in to GBS in pregnancy and newborn babies.

Water Birth

Water Birth

Develop better understanding of supporting a water birth. 

Sad on Couch

Infant Loss

Develop better understanding of Infant Loss and how to support. 


Medication Management

An intro to learning more about handling medication, storage and disposal.*

Twin Babies

Multiple Birth

Building knowledge of supporting multiple birth


Breech Birth

An opportunity to explore and understand breech birth.

FGM pic.jpg

Female Genital Mutilation FGM

An opportunity to explore and understand more about FGM. 

Psychologist Session

Suicide Caregiving

An intro into exploring more about supporting a person at risk of suicide.*

Baby Crawling

Introduction to Safeguarding

Introduction to Safeguarding or this can be used as a refresher.


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