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Professional Education

Providing educational opportunities to aspiring doulas, midwives and other birthworkers.


The courses I have developed are professional courses that will give you a fulfilling learning experience. Whether you are training to become a doula or preparing to go and study midwifery the course content and support is highly professional and consists of interactive study time as well as learning independently.  Please have a look through the courses and contact me directly with any questions you have. 

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This is a preparation course to become a  birth and postnatal doula. This course is approved by Doula UK.  It may have been on your mind for a while that you have a passion and keen interest in maternity and supporting new families - then this course is for you.

Either of these course that we offer are ideal for anyone aspiring to become a midwife and preparing for studying. 

We have a theory based preparation online course and a practical skills day. 

There are scholarship places available for 14-16 year olds.


This course will prepare you to offer breastfeeding support to expecting parents during antenatal and postnatal support. This course is ideal for doulas and aspiring midwives/student midwives to build on their confidence and knowledge. 

Breech Birth Workshop - Saturday 12 March - 10am - 12pm
Hypnobirthing Workshop - Sunday 24th April - 9.30am - 12.30pm
FGM Workshop - Saturday 14th May - 10am - 12pm


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