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Expectant Couple

Positive Birth Toolkit

Congratulations on taking the plunge and signing up for this "Positive Birth Toolkit".  This is where your journey begins this is where your preparation for the most amazing life event happens.  Remember I am just giving you the tools, it is about everything else you and your partner do. Ill be with you along the way guiding you through using emails - but ultimately its up to you.

Please click on each item to access the audio or download.

What is in the pack?

**Relaxation Audio track**

This relaxing track will bring you into a state of complete relaxation, as you drift deeper and deeper into relaxation every time you practice this. You can use this safely through pregnancy and through birth.

**Affirmations Audio track**

for your daily practice, this track will help your subconscious mind understand that you are feeling confident preparing for the birth of your baby.  As you repeat each one you will empower yourself more and more for the arrival of your little baby.  Includes a paper copy

**My five top secrets to a positive birth ebook**

This book will talk you through 5 simple steps for you and your partner to enhance your birth experience even more.  I will give you inside information about how you can prepare even more for a positive birth experience, no matter what turn your birthing may take.

**Birth Affirmation Printables**

This set of 12 beautifully designed and carefully chosen affirmations for you to print and place around your home as your prepare for birth and why not take them with you to your birthing place if this is not at home. A handout here lists all the Every Birth Matters Affirmations

**10 ways to birth like a goddess Handout**

This will give you 10 further hints and tips to help you think about what you want your birth to look like.  People "if a woman doesn't look like a goddess whilst giving birth then someone isn't treating her right". This is absolutely true. this handout is something you and your partner can explore together.

**A calm breathing audio**

This audio will talk you through a calm breathing technique that you can use to help you keep calm and relaxed during your pregnancy, birth and early days of parenting.  I will personally talk you through the breathing and you can sit and practice this during and after the audio.

**Breastfeeding Affirmations Audio**

This amazing track will take you through some affirmations for feeding your newborn.  Using affirmations can help if you find breastfeeding a struggle in the early days. These affirmations will help you reaffirm to your mind and body that you are relaxed and you can do this.

For all audios please see below.

Calm Breathing Audio
Affirmations for comfortable birthing
Breastfeeding Affirmations

Does having this pack guarantee a natural vaginal birth?

Birth is so unpredictable, i wish i had a magic ball to tell you exactly what was going to happen but I unfortunately I haven't. What this pack can do is help prepare you for a calm approach to your birth and that whatever turn your birthing takes you can apply what you take time to learn here and it can help you keep relaxed, which is better for you and for baby.

How much time do I need to practice?

Obviously this depends on your commitment to preparing. I would suggest taking half an hour each night to practice, if not more.  The more time you put in the better. I would always recommend attending a class if you can, however if this isn't an option for you then this is going to be the next best thing. Please check out my free sessions here

What can I do now?

Just keep on practicing and making time to relax.  If you haven't booked a one to one you can do this now, or perhaps you have decided you do want to have a doula after all, then all you need to do is get in touch and talk to me about what you want.

I really hope you enjoy these resources as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you. Your feedback would be so much appreciated. Enjoy, I am wishing you all the best for your birth.

You can book a 1 hour online one to one discussion with me to discuss anything you wish (Extra charge for this)


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