The mentoring sessions I offer can be tailored to suit you and address you specific needs, however I initially have set up a variety of mentoring options for you assess what is going to be best for you.  The technique I use is Solution Focused, using a range of techniques for you to explore your own capabilities of chat the difference would look like.  The mentoring I offer is for various roles so please do select what mentoring option suits you best. If you are not sure please do contact me. 

Mentoring - Aspiring Midwife Solo

This is for aspiring midwives who are preparing for interview at university. We will go through a range of activities that will help you work through any personal hold ups that you experiencing and build on your presentation for interview. 


4 x 1 hour video support

Mentoring - Aspiring Midwife Group

This is for aspiring midwives who want to prepare for university interview in a group.  Usually there will be a group of a least 3 of you, this is usually delivered through Facebook and you will have a weekly activity set for you to work on as well as a live session with me. 


Weekly set activity

1 Live video 

Mentoring - Student Midwives

This is for student midwives who need confidence boost to overcome a particular issue. This is for student already attending university, perhaps your doubting your ability to complete or perhaps relationships with others are feeling negative. We will work on a one to one basis devising a plan of support for you. 

£30 per session



4 x 1 hour sessions

Doula Mentoring Program

This is for any doula that doesn't want to join Doula UK, or would like a one off mentoring/debrief session.  If you would like some more information on this service please do click here

Mentoring through the early days of doulaing can be really helpful as you are learning. You will get a certificate of mentoring completed.

Prices start from £25

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