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The mentoring sessions I offer can be tailored to suit you and address you specific needs, however I initially have set up a variety of mentoring options for you assess what is going to be best for you.  The technique I use is Solution Focused, using a range of techniques for you to explore your own capabilities of what the difference would look like.  The mentoring I offer is for various roles so please do select what mentoring option suits you best. If you are not sure please do contact me. 

Aspiring Midwife


This is for aspiring midwives who want to prepare for application to university,  midwifery interview, about to begin the degree or perhaps you are already studying and would like some personal mentoring. 


This mentoring is offered on a one to one basis. 

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This is available for any doula no matter what training you have done. 

Mentoring through the early days of doulaing can be really helpful as you are learning and beginning to understand your new role. You will get a certificate of mentoring completed.

There are various options available' 

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