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Peer Support Services


Breastfeeding support is offered specifically by me as it is just so important for any new mother and her family to have access too. Unfortunately some areas are better at it than others.

I am so glad that you are considering some additional support for breastfeeding. Support was key to my success of breastfeeding and as a peer supporter trainer I hear all to often that support just wast present when women needed it the most - well that can change for you right now with this support that I offer. 

Firstly I believe any breastfeeding at all is better than no breastfeeding at all.  If you breastfeed for 6 months, 6 weeks, 6 days or 6 hours all what your baby has matters and is truly wonderful. It is not a competition, although it can feel like it sometimes my non judgmental support will help you explore what is the best options for you with regard to feeding your baby. 

Support begins in the antenatal period and is offered to at least day 21 post delivery of your baby.  I can support you no matter what birth you have had.  Our role as a supporter is to help you INITIATE and MAINTAIN breastfeeding.  Offering education around breastfeeding can help get breastfeeding of to a positive start.  This is so important to feel supported as breastfeeding isn't just a practical/physical journey it is an emotional one to, that many women do struggle with, often because of the lack off support before baby arrives, in hospital and once home with baby.  With support we can help more parents be informed about breastfeeding. 

Please take a look at the options of support available: if you cannot see what you are looking for or would like to create your own plan of breastfeeding support then please message me

Nursing Newborn

Option 1

Breastfeeding Antenatal Preparation

This 2 hour session will help educate and prepare you for breastfeeding. I will show you hand expression as well as talk about the early days of infant feeding you newborn - you will know all the options available to you and feel ready.



Includes: Syringes for harvesting colostrum

Nursing Newborn

Option 2

Breastfeeding Postnatal 


This 2 hour session offer you support once you arrive home with your new baby.  No matter how you are feeling, i can support you practically and emotional with infant feeding. This can include demonstration. I will always observe a feed during this visit. 


 Includes a follow up call.

I aim to do this visit within 24 hours of your call if required. 

Newborn Baby with Mom

Option 3


Support Plan

This support option gives you reassurance and support to get breastfeeding of to a positive start - with a antenatal visit and 3 postnatal visits.

This package gives you practical and emotional support within the first 21 days of your breastfeeding journey.



4 x 1 Hour home visits

Calls and Text support as agreed throughout. 

Smiling Baby

Option 4

Breastfeeding Telephone Support

This option can be done via telephone or video chat. 

This support for the first 21 days after birth can be essential for a breastfeeding journey.

This is a flexible package centered around emotionally supporting the breastfeeding journey. 



1 x Antenatal Preparation

4 x Telephone/video chat

Text messaging support


07751 077755

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