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Aspiring Midwife Mentoring is a peer group support for aspiring & student midwives, no matter where you are on your journey you can pop along for an informal chat with Izzy who is a current 3rd year student midwife. You can listen, ask questions or just pop along online for a cuppa and chat - anything goes here!

Aspiring Midwife


Studying Online

This informal peer mentoring support is a way of helping you to feel part of a collective group that really cares and supports you.  We want to change the culture of studying and working in isolation and create a free supportive network for aspiring and student midwives.  By supporting each other as peers we will feel more confident and empowered to pursue our careers as midwives. 

We aim to run a peer mentoring session Bi-Monthly online and we will encourage people to become volunteer mentors and set up face to face groups locally. 

The peer group mentoring is free, however if you want to book a one to one in preparation for writing your personal statement, your interview or staring university, there is a £25 fee for this.

If you would like to book or have any questions please contact Izzy here 


Please do also look at our "Be Ready - Be Remarkable" preparing you for your university applications and interviews!


Holding Hands Up High

Aspiring Midwife

Really useful session, lovely to hear others speak about things and people as questions you didn't even know that you had.

Customer Support Agent

Aspiring Midwife

Running this online was so helpful. This made the session accessible to us all. Thank you.

Support Group

Aspiring Midwife

Thank you for the links shared. Hearing all this information has fueled my passion even more to become a midwife. 


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