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Birth Doula

Thanks for taking a look at the birth doula information - it might not seem it now, but there are exciting times ahead.  Many people look for a doula for different reasons, more often its because they are not happy with what is going on in their maternity care at present - especially the impacts on the shortage of midwives and staff on shift. 

As experienced Birth Doulas we are based in Birmingham but will travel up to an hour to support a woman and people in birth. 

We provide flexible continuous support for your family through pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood.  Pregnancy can sometimes bring anxieties to surface, depending on your experience of the known or perhaps the unknown.  As your doula we offer you and/or your birth partner support to ensure you are listened too, supported and are fully informed


Care across maternity services differs and this can be difficult for women, pregnant people and their partners because continuity of care is sparse and this makes knowing you and your partner difficult from the perspective of the midwife. As your doula, you can rely on support and presence throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatal if you wish. 

Some people do not feel confident to question or explore their options in these circumstances because they feel pressured and not treated like an individual. Neither is acceptable, as this can lead to not feeling in control, anxiety sets in and women/pregnant people can feel cheated out of their birth.  

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What is offered?

The support offered will consist of preparation for childbirth and settling in with your new baby.  During the support you will have information, explore your choices, be offered reassurance, advocate on your behalf if/when required, ensure that your preferences are acknowledged, you are listened to, have conversations about the unexpected and ensure your birth partner feels supported.  We have experience of supporting at home birth, midwife led units MLU or hospital birth.  We can help inform you about your options to breastfeed or formula feed and can offer support with this after birth.

Our role as your doula is not to take the place of your partner, or get in the way of your intimacy with your partner.  We understand when you need us and when you need us to take a step back. The continuity of care given and support builds trust between us, you and your partner.

Childbirth changes your life forever it is a story you will never forget. We can only birth each child once and it really does matter. Doula's have positive outcomes for women/people.


"if doula's were a drug it would be unethical to use them"

Dr John H Kennell


The time spent is about you, I am there for you and your partner, and I want you to feel you have the power to have the most amazing positive birth experience possible.  I will support you through whichever situation occurs ensuring you have all the information you need to make the right choices for you if needed. I am  totally flexible and take an active interest in your care throughout. 

I have supported women/pregnant people of varying ages from 18 to 42, women having 1st, 2nd 3rd... and 7th baby.  Other varying situations I have supported where there has been low and high risk pregnancies/births with Water Birth, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), Epidural, Gestational Diabetes, IVF, C-Section and Group Strep B.

Statistics show that having a Birth Doula can lead to,
- a 50% reduction in c-section rates
- 25% shorter labour 
- 60% reduction in epidurals 
- 30% reduction in requests for pain relief 
- 40% reduction of forceps/ventouse

(Klaus, Kennell and Klaus 1993)

It might be helpful for you to have a look at what the rates of interventions are locally in your area. If you are interested to know more about this please do request a call back further down.

What does Birth Doula support consist of?

After we have met face to face and you have decided that I am the doula you want. We can then agree a specific support plan to meet your needs if required.  As soon as you book my services you will get my support as you feel you need it, this can be through phone call, text, email and Whatsapp video. Generally most people are happy with this plan of support that I offer:

Antenatal Preparation ~ this usually consists of two 2.5 hour home visits to you at your home. This is different for each person and is tailored to meet your requirements.  This time is spent getting to know one another, offering you education on labour and birth as well as supporting you through anything specific to your needs. Usual things to talk about are pain relief, comfort measures, your wishes, boundaries, and birth plus many more. I have access to resources you can use. 

On-Call ~ Between 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy, I will go "on call", this means that you can call me anytime day or night if you believe labour is starting/started. Going on call means that I anticipate that you could call me anytime and I would be available to join you at the point you feel you want me there. I aim to be with you within 60-90 minutes depending on your location.


Birth ~ No matter where you decide to give birth I will support you in your choices. Once you are ready for me to join you I can meet you at home or place of birth. From there I will support you physically and emotionally through labour. This includes supporting your partner too. I can be as hands on as you want me to be. I can support you with breastfeeding after birth as well as other practical support such as having a shower and changing. I will continually support you in your wishes and never make judgement of your decisions.

Postnatal ~ Within two weeks after birth we will together arrange a home visit for me to come out and see you and your beautiful baby.  This visit is an opportunity to talk through how the birth went, help fill in any gaps, admire your baby and help with any practical things like bathing, support with Infant feeding or possibly signposting to other services.

Ongoing support ~ After birth I always offer 6 weeks telephone/text support. Should there be anything you require support with I can offer this, this might include information on local groups or some emotional support to talk through how you might be feeling. If you feel you would like reassurance then you can message me and I will always help where I can.  

As our client you will also get free access to some resources, we have listed these below: 


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