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This is a place I am very happy to welcome you to. A Mentoring platform promoting safety, reflection and growth for you as a new doula who has just completed your preparation course or perhaps you have been working as a doula for a while and you now are finding you would like a place of supported reflection - whichever it might be, your in a good place for starting.


What does the Every Birth Matters Doula Mentoring offer?

The model in which the mentoring is delivered is using a reflective model and approach. This will enable you to debrief and reflect on your experiences directly from working with a client, as well as the overall reflections of working as a doula. 

All our mentoring is offered online as this will allow this mentoring to be available to all across the UK and to delegates outside of the UK.


What are the benefits of choosing EBM mentoring? 

It is really important that new doulas have support in their journey to understanding more about how the doula works in practice within the maternity sector. Our doula mentors will nurture you as you will nurture your clients.  You will have access to: 

  • Access to a knowledgeable mentor who will support you as you begin to structure your business

  • Guidance from a skilled and experienced doula who will guide you through your work with clients

  • Personal support for you to build your business your way

  • To feel empowered from your mentoring relationships

  • To have opportunity to share/discuss your ideas and thoughts with you mentor or peers.

  • To have support and guidance if support for a client becomes difficult

  • All mentored relationships are within the boundaries of confidentiality

  • Step by Step Visibility Challenge to begin building your online profiles. 

  • Every mentee will have access to guidance and a plan of how to run your own monthly Positive Birth Support Group in your area to educate people about doulas.

  • Every mentee will have access to a complete 2 hour lesson plan with resources called "Every Birth" that they can use as a free education tool to deliver to expectant parents in their local area - this can be delivered online or face to face. 

Mentoring consists of:

  • Reflections of your experiences

  • Action Planing for further facilitated learning, growth and goals with your mentor one to one

  • Peer Support via forum with all other mentee's

  • Quarterly group online peer mentoring facilitated by a mentor

  • Drawing out strengths, limits and barriers to enhance your doula journey.

  • Mentoring you through Birth and Postnatal work. 

Benefits of being Mentored are:

  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support

  • Learn from the experiences of others and support reflective

  • Increase your social confidence 

  • Become more empowered to make decisions

  • Develop your communication, study and personal skills

  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and business issues

  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction for future

  • Gain valuable insight via learning from peers

  • Continuing to build relationships with other doulas 

How much is mentoring going to cost me?

  • Registration Fee £50 - Payable when registering.

  • Peer mentoring group included in the mentoring package. (Available as a standalone mentor package)

  • £40 Per Birth Debrief (4 clients required - payable prior to debrief session)

  • £40 per Postnatal Debrief (4 clients required, minimum 15 hours per job - payable prior to debrief session)

  • £30 completion fee - Final debrief and certification (please note will need to be paid twice if not completing birth and postnatal mentoring together)  

  • Mentoring cost £400. 

If you only require birth or postnatal mentoring then this will be fine - your certificate will state which you have completed. 

If you require a one off doula debrief/supervision session this is £65. 

All mentoring is offered online via private video link. 

Mentee's will be required to write up a debrief reflections ahead of the debrief with their mentor. 

All Mentee's will receive a 1 year FREE doula listing with Find My Doula.

Full Mentoring Package

Complete the registration form along with your registration fee of £50. 

Contact Us if you have any questions and to check this is the right mentoring program for you.

Once you have completed the form and made payment you will receive a link and password to a private mentor page with further details and links to mentor profiles. 

Peer Mentoring ONLY

Complete the registration form along with your registration fee of £60. 

Contact Us if you have any questions and to check this is the right mentoring program for you.

Once you have completed the form and made payment you will receive a whatsapp invite to a peer supporters group and there the links for peer supervision will be shared. 

Preparation Support

Ideal for mentored doulas

Preparing for supporting your client can feel a little daunting.  So if you want to spend specific time talking about preparing for this then book this session.

You will have a 1 hour online one to one discussion with me gaining knowledge and support.  This session is £35 and is open to all. 

Contact me if you wish to book this session to prepare for your first few clients.

One Debrief

This one debrief is for those of you that are working independently and would like to have a supervised mentored discussion about the work you have been facilitating. 

This is a bespoke one off session and it does require you to write up your experiences before the session.

The complete session is 1 hour and 30 minutes and is suitable to debrief birth and postnatal work.



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