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Every Birth Matters is now offering a Doula UK approved preparation course over a three days in Birmingham and online courses.


Doula's come from many different walks of life usually because of their birth experiences themselves.  You may have been asked to be someones birth partner and you want to feel more prepared or you may be wanting to change your career.  Some doula's also have experience in other areas such as Hypnobirthing,  Pregnancy yoga or Antenatal education, it doesn't matter what your experiences are as long as you have a desire to want to support and nurture women, pregnant people and their families.

If you are unsure perhaps attending a Doula UK Introductory day might help.


What is a Doula?

A Doula offers friendship and support to pregnant mums, pregnant people and partners as well as their families throughout their pregnancies. A doula who supports in pregnancy and birth is usually known as a "Birth Doula" a doula who supports after a baby has been born is known as a "Postnatal Doula".  Some doula's will do both and some doula's choose to do one or the other usually because of various commitments you may have.  This course is useful for either role that you are considering.


Doula's are in very privileged position of trust and our role is to empower, listen and support women and pregnant people in their choices, we often support families through the first stages of baby care, bathing, sleeping and breastfeeding,  We are there not to necessarily do, but to just be with.


If this is what you are looking to do and would like to be prepared within your role as a doula or birth partner then this is the course for you.

To read more about doula's click here


What does the course cover?

To obtain a certificate you will need to complete the following modules;


1. Pre-course assignment ~ This gives you the opportunity for some reflective practice, and to build on your knowledge and skills with a fully comprehensive assignment that consists of questions that will enhance your learning experience and prepare you for your post course work. This research task also allows you to practice your research skills. Prior to the course there will be a one hour online discussion where we can introduce ourselves. 


2. Three day workshop ~ The workshop is action packed with a range of activities where you will have time to think and reflect as well as work with the other supportive delegates discussing, reflecting, questioning and exploring the birthing world and why women/pregnant people want to hire a doula? All the course content meets the Doula UK curriculum plus more.  You will have the opportunity to write a learning journal and action set points for your journey as a doula after the course finishes.

The days will run 9.30am to 6pm.


3. Post coursework ~ After three full days of exploration and self-discovery, you might want to take a few days to digest. Then when you are ready you can begin your post course assignments. There are seven tasks altogether which I encourage you to take time digesting and preparing. These assignments will give you further self-acknowledgement about how you can work as a doula as well as expanding further on the birth world that surrounds you as a doula.  It creates opportunity for networking and beginning your work with your first client, of which you will be supported.  Every delegate will receive written feedback.

Mentoring group peer support will be offered as a 1 off session 4 weeks after the course. This can be used as an opportunity for us to meet up again, discuss your post coursework and next steps. This session will be online. We will also then discuss further mentoring upon completion.

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Doula UK Core Curriculum: 


  • Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy and Birth

  • Hospital and Home Births

  • Infant feeding

  • Cultural sensitivity, values and attitudes

  • Pregnancy, labour and birth

  • Communication skills

  • The Role of Hormones

  • Language

  • Birth wishes

  • Emotional and practical support

  • First six weeks of having a newborn

  • Bonding and Attachment

  • Pain relief options available

  • Professional boundaries

  • Role of a  birth doula and postnatal doula 

  • Relationships between doulas and midwives

  • Loss and bereavement

  • Safeguarding

  • Finding Work - setting up you business

  • Various skills required to be a good Childbirth Support Partner.

All of these subjects will be covered in face to face and online course.  


How does the learning run?


You will need to attend the three day training which is set up in a workshop environment. These three days we will cover varying activities in order for you to maximise your learning and build on your confidence for becoming a doula. The workshops are usually ran within the following time scales;


Day 1 ~ 9.30am ~ 6pm

Day 2 ~ 9.30am ~ 6pm

Day 3 ~ 9.30am - 6pm

Times might change depending on location.


There is a pre-course assignment to complete prior to attending the workshops, after the workshop has been attended you will then have access to all the other assignments to complete at your own leisure but within six months of the workshops.  As your tutor I will be able to support you through this should you need it. The assignments are designed for you to complete and submit online or via email.  The assignments are designed to help you with further learning and understanding as well as building your confidence as a doula.


No certificates can be issued until all assignments are complete.  You can obtain Doula Student Insurance so you can begin working as a doula whilst you complete your post coursework and begin your mentoring journey.


This course is designed to build upon your knowledge, encourage personal learning as well as some research which is facilitated through the assignments.

2021 Course Dates

ONLINE - Thursday 11th February to Saturday 13th February 2021 - 9.30am - 5pm. 

Email Katy  if you have questions - FULLY BOOKED

Birmingham - Friday 7th May to Sunday 9th May 2021,

Email Katy if you have any questions -   2 Places available

ONLINE - Thursday 1st July to Saturday 3rd July 2021 - 9.30am - 5pm. 

Email Katy  if you have questions - places available. 

Online - Thursday 16th - Saturday 18th September 2021

Email Katy If you have any questions - places available. 

Refund Policy: 
Your right to cancel and receive a full refund starts the moment you pay your deposit of £100 to secure your place and ends after 14 days. Remaining payment for the doula course is due in total 21 days before the first day of the workshop.

If you cancel between less than day 21, but before day 10 of the course, you will only receive 50% refund of total paid less the deposit.

Cancellations after day 10 will not result in any refund.

You will be offered to transfer to another course.

If the course is cancelled by the provider for any reason – you will be offered the opportunity to book onto another course or have a full refund. If you opt to transfer onto another course – you cannot then ask for a full refund.

This course includes:

  • Course that meets the core curriculum content for Doula UK

  • Comprehensive Resource File

  • Access to additional online learning videos and E-learning modules

  • Online resources via the Every Birth Matters website

  • Online support in a private Every Birth Matters Social Media Forum with other doulas and educators

  • Comprehensive student discount on insurance so you can begin your practice

  • Access to various E-books

  • Doula Directory Listing (name, business name, email, phone number and website)

  • Discount vouchers from other partnering services.

  • Access to a range of additional doula teaching resources (additional cost).

  • Post course mentoring session


Once you have applied for the course and full payment has been made you will receive your pre-coursework, you will receive the Doula Preparation Training Manual when you attend the workshops. Full payment must be received at least 21 days before the workshop begins.  You can secure your place now with a non-refundable deposit of £100 (refundable only within 14 days after booking). 


Once certification is complete. You can then join the membership of Doula UK and begin your mentoring journey.

To book onto the Doula Preparation course, please complete the booking form.

Every Birth Matters Teaching code of practice can be found on the main practitioner page.

Please contact me for an informal telephone chat to discuss the course and to make sure this suits what you are looking for. 

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