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Placenta & Cord Keepsake


Did you know that your placenta is usually just thrown away as clinical waste? Here at EBM we would like to use your placenta for education workshops for aspiring midwives, as well as provide you with a service that gives you a keep sake of the amazing organ that has kept you baby alive - the placenta. 

NOTE: From July 2023 - Breast milk jewellery and keepsakes will also be available. 


We have various services that we can offer you.


Placenta Printing  - This is an A3 print of your placenta, we can jazz this up and print it in your favorite birthing colour. This service is £65. 

Placenta & Cord Jewellery - We can use products from your encapsulation pill or a segment of the placenta or cord. Please do message us if you are interested in this, to ensure we can meet your needs.  Our Jewellery and key-rings are formed through a resin mold to ensure they last. You can choose the best molding for you. *Please see pics below. This service is £125

Placenta & Cord Keepsake - This is where we mold and dry your cord into a keepsake for a frame or private keep sake for you to hold onto forever. This can be molded into Jewelry also.  This service is £125. 

Postage to us is at your cost - all products sent must be in an secure air tight container and where possible within 24 hour delivery. The aim is to have your product returned to you securely within 7 days. 

Placenta Keepsake Keyring

Placenta Keepsake Keyring

Choose a letter or number and have dried particles of your placenta inserted into a wonderful Keepsake. We also do other molds too.

Keyring Keepsake

Keyring Keepsake

This customer wanted a descreet mold - inserted into this mold was particles of cord that the customer did not want to be seen. Molded in their favourite colour.

Placenta Necklace

Placenta Necklace

This customer sent me two of their placenta pills that had been encapsulated. With this I was able to mold the placenta into this heart necklace.

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