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We talk lots about supporting women and birthing people, but actually we really need to understand how to support each other, and be the midwives of the future as a collective. We feel passionate that this should be from the very off set, so as soon as someone starts to have the passion for midwifery and they start that journey of preparing for midwifery we want you to feel supported on every level. 

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3 Step Rewind

3 Step Rewind (student)

3 Step Rewind (student)

If you have experienced a trauma on placement that you are struggling to overcome this guided meditation is a form of helping you view this experience differently. We know support can sometimes feel non existent, which we want to irradiate.

£99 - (3 sessions online)


Freedom to Speak

Freedom to Speak Up

Freedom to Speak


There are 2 free sessions you can do called Speak Up and Listen Up. This is offered as e-learning by the National Guardian. Supporting you to know where you can go to talk things through if you have worries or concerns. 



Aspirring Midwife Resources

Monthly Meditation

Aspiring Midwife Resources

These free resources are accessible by signing up to our e-news letter here.

You will get 4 emails with information on about EBM and then a password for accessing the resources. 



One to One Mentoring

Mentoring One to One

One to one Mentoring

This one to one session, can be booked as a one off or a collection of meets. This support is offered as an opportunity to seek direction, gather feedback or talk through anything that is bothering you personally or academically. 

£25 per session


Monthly Meditation

Monthly Meditation

Monthly Meditation

This is a free monthly session for you to take 45 minutes out, to relax and breathe. Birth work, studying, family life etc can be exhausting, so this is an opportunity for you to take some time for you. All you have to do in book you space here on Eventbrite.


Hi Katy, Just wanted to let you know today is my second shift back on delivery suite and I just delivered my 13th baby, little baby girl!! I felt a lot more calmer, despite it being ANOTHER quick delivery - they always seem to just fly out when its me delivering my legs were a bit shaky with adrenaline but my hands were steady! And I wasn’t panicked! So definitely a big improvement so thanks again for the sessions you did! x

2nd Year Student Midwife - 3 Step Rewind.

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