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My Hypnobirthing Experience

I am so proud of what I have achieved and the experience that I have had. At 24+2 weeks I was admitted to hospital with a bleed of approximately 30-40ml.  I was examined and monitored for 48 hours in hospital whilst also have steroid injections just in case by baby was going to arrive early.  I was told that they didn’t know why it happened and I was fine to go home just take things easy.  I knew that the last 2 weeks had been particularly stressful for me. I had been travelling across the UK for work; kids returned to school, I had a funeral of a close relative and my 3 year old started nursery. I think I knew I had to slow down so I did.  I was told that a bleed after 24 weeks meant that I was told I had to go to labour ward, I was devastated at this because this was the last thing I wanted. So I decided to fight my way through I went to the supervisor of midwives and she said she would look at my file, which she did after we had met face to face and discussed my situation.  She came back to me and said “I’m sorry you need to go to delivery” I challenged her and said why?  If I am high risk why have I not been seen by a consultant? I was told when I was admitted to hospital that all was well; I was discharged with no follow up? I offered to be seen by a consultant in order for them to assess my situation for me to go to the birth centre.  So an appointment was made I seen a lovely consultant and I discussed my preferences etc and my situation and she said to me “yes you can go to a birth centre providing a scan shows all is well (which a scan did), she said we need more women like you to question and follow your instincts for the natural birth you desire”


So that was it I was booked to go to The Willow Suite at Heartlands Hospital with my 3 birth companions as requested, which I was absolutely over the moon about.

The evening before my baby was born I had the most uncomfortable night’s sleep I just couldn't settle at all. The following morning I had a “show” at 6.30am so I thought today is likely to be the day, so anyway I carried on my normal day, visiting my nan, popping the shops for supplies and I was getting some lovely surges (contractions) which I knew things were happening as my comfort levels were adjusting. At about 3pm I started to get regular 15 min surges nice and gentle, still able to carry on with kid’s dinner, homework and then 7.30 bedtime routine with kids. Throughout the day I was losing more 'show' so I knew my baby's birth was imminent. Whilst lying with my 3 year old in bed singing I asked my 9 year old to write down times for surges which had been becoming more frequent over the last hour.  Then all of a sudden 19.54pm I felt pop and my whole tummy wobbled whilst surging.

Then I knew baby is on the way, it took me 10 minutes to see my then baby off to sleep, as I rolled off the bed the frequency surges came every 3 minutes wow that happened quick. By 8.30 my mom was round, Rachael (my other birth companion) was on her way and surges were 2-3 mins apart 'mom said I think we need to go' so I attempted to ring The Willow Suite as told to, and it was engaged for at least 25 attempts then I got through to delivery suite and what did the midwife Marie on the phone say to me.....'I am sorry Willow is CLOSED and delivery suite is FULL, I will arrange for you to go to City Hospital’ this was a jaw drop moment….for a very brief moment I felt everything I desired slipping away, I had to get there the other side of the city, I hadn't been to see it, I might not get the pool, all things going through my mind then she said ‘I'll call you back in 5 minutes to confirm where to go’.

I came off the phone took a deep breath and I said to my mom, dad and Matt 'this is sent to test us, I need to relax and remain calm, breathe and listen to my affirmations - and so I did' Marie called me back promptly and said you need to go to triage at City, 'I said that's fine but I'm not staying in assessment/triage, my surges are 2 mins apart, this baby is on the way”, and by 8.50pm we were on our way to city. On the way surges were still coming and mom was massaging my neck and helping me focus because I did notice as each one came I knew baby was closer and at the beginning of each surge I consciously remember my legs feeling tense so I immediately told myself to relax and I did, I hypno breathed as I had practised the techniques and it eliminated tension and fear to the point that if baby decided to come in the car I could handle that, I was so relaxed for anything.


We arrived about 9.20pm into triage and they took me straight round to Serenity Suite.........WOW oh WOW I couldn't off asked for anymore it was AMAZING. As soon as I went through the door, I was hypno Surge breathing and my midwife Charlie said ' are you hypnobirthing? And I replied ‘yes’, I'd like the pool if possible, she read my birth preferences and offered aromatherapy oils in the pool too, after brief obs check, I was taken straight into the Sapphire room, as the pool was running, I had a brief examination (which we didn't discuss) and she said get in the pool when you’re ready, so I did at about 9.50pm. The surges were amazing and beautiful I used my breathing and I visualised my serene place being the beach with my children, I could hear my sea sounds in the background and soft lighting glowing above my head, my husband got in the pool with me and my other 2 birth companions for-filling everything I had asked of them. 10.14pm I changed to birth breathing as my baby was on the way, I did say out loud this was the bit that I was most worried about (pushing) and Charlie said just go with it. I found my own way, when birth breathing I made a controlled v sound as I was working with my body to breath my baby down calmly. Matt was next to me in the pool holding my hand waiting to deliver our baby, Rachael was to my left saying calm affirmations of the birth companions scripts and mom was too my right offering the shoulder anchor of relaxation, whilst Charlie and a student midwife (her first birth) looked on and offered just the right direction as I began birthing my baby into the world with calm and patience I touched my babies head, then at 10.29pm my baby girl entered the world and Matt received her and gave her to me. It felt so good and I can honestly say I didn't feel any 'pain' at all it was truly amazing. I had no tears and no medical intervention or pain relief.

I didn't have any injection for the placenta to come away as it happened naturally, and Charlie directed me to birth breath the delivery of my perfect healthy placenta. My 10lb 13oz bundle of amazingness is truly calm and peaceful she is so settled and relaxed a true Hypno baby. I stayed on the suite till the next day (my choice) and everything remained perfect. Matt brought our other 3 children up and we spent to whole day chilling and getting to know our new baby.  The suite was so accommodating and welcoming of my family.


Day 4 came and that has been my 'blue day' I just let the tears flow, however they didn’t flow because of sadness and low mood they are flowing through joy and happiness and wanting to do the whole thing again. As I sit and type this the tears are flowing all down my face because I'm so over whelmed with how amazing and perfect it was for me. I loved every minute and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. She is here now and I'm trying to remain relaxed in these postnatal days of hormones changing and loving every second being with my family.


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