We are so passionate about providing you with as much opportunity to educate yourself so that you are in a strong position for applying for midwifery, but also for those of you that are student midwives to have an opportunity for further learning as part of your professional development. Here you will find a wide range of available learning opportunities. 

Aspiring Midwife Courses

We offer an online Aspiring Midwife Preparation Course and a Midwifery Practical Skills Workshop. These amazing courses give extended opportunities to learn and know more ahead of staring you midwifery degree. 



These additional workshops are often listed on our Eventbrite page - these workshops cover a whole wide range of topics linked to maternity care. Topics such as Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, Force Marriage, Drugs, FASD and Tokophobia are a few to mention. 


This is an exciting opportunity to join our online live study group.  We will explore a range of midwifery topics through the weeks and then each month there will be a live interactive online class where we can discuss the content, notes we have made to further extend our learning for beginning our midwifery journey. 

You can enroll anytime and each enrollment starts the 1st of each month. This year session runs to October 2022.

Outdoor Study Group

The e-learning modules are accessible as part of the aspiring midwife study group or separate to this. The e-learning modules are extra forms of education to help build you knowledge for midwifery. There are also certificates available for each module.  Modules are accessible anywhere. 

Hands on Deck

Maths for Midwifery

We offer a free ongoing learning space centered on supporting aspiring midwives with their Maths for Midwifery. You can take questions to the chat function and Bernie our amazing Maths tutor will support you with understanding your Maths equations and formulas. The chat in Whatsapp is ongoing.

Please contact me to join the groups: 

Functional Skills Group

GCSE Maths Group

Midwifery Degree Maths Group

Math Formulas

07751 077755

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