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The more I learn about our incredible birthing bodies, the more amazed I get.

Mother Nature has choreographed the most beautiful dance you have ever seen. It’s been finely tuned down to each tiny detail between mother and baby.

We are very blessed and i want to help women through education understand the beauty and true amazingness of what our body does.

Ever heard of NER or Natural Expulsive Reflex?

I hadn’t either but it’s what gives you the urge to push except it’s actually your body pushing with no action needed on your part.

This process can play out on its own, with you using a special breathing technique I teach in my classes.

Without forced pushing, blood flow to the uterus, cervix and baby is increased. There is less chance of fetal distress and can even be more comfortable for you.

Scared about tearing or what things will be like after you’ve pushed a baby out? Never fear, perineal massage has shown to reduce tearing as you are familiar with the feeling of the perineum stretching and you knows how supple and elastic it is.

I would love to share this FREE Perineal Massage guide with you so you can feel amazingly confident bringing your baby to crowning without fear, CLICK HERE to download.


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