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What is becoming a mother all about? Have you thought about it? Have you prepared for the transition? This one off class will give you the knowledge and confidence to mother your way using your instincts.


A gentle transition to Motherhood.

"It's quite normal for them to scream and not sleep" some people say to you - what is normal? Will I ever be myself again and find myself in this world again.  Bringing home your new baby can be overwhelming and very emotional - so I am giving you the opportunity to prepare for this amazing adventure of motherhood with Hypnomothering.


What is this all about, I hear you say? 

Hypnomothering helps you prepare for calm and gentle transition to motherhood immediately from birthing your baby. 


Perhaps you have or are already prepared for birth using Hypnobirthing, or even if you haven't, this single one off session WILL give you confidence for becoming a mother using YOUR own instincts and style.

This fun practical session is for mum to be only, where you will learn self hypnosis techniques specifically targeted at the real life challenges and stress new mum's face. 

So lets get real, what does this amazing relaxing session cover


⭐️Making the most of LIMITED SLEEP with your new baby

⭐️Enhancing BONDING with your baby

⭐️Developing your maternal INSTINCTS

⭐️Finding your FOCUS within life now it is different

⭐️Mindfulness for your LIFE as a mother

⭐️Understanding YOURSELF 

⭐️My own SELF CARE and my PARTNERS


Who wouldn't want to know more?  This one off session will help equip you with some powerful amazing tools for if things begin to get a little too much as a new mum.  You simply cant prepare enough for becoming a Mum.  


Sally said "The Hypnomothering class calmed my anxieties about the first few months of life with my new baby and gave me real, tangible solutions to help me deal with the transition.  I feel so much more prepared, at ease and excited! Every mum-to-be and even those with kids already, can benefit from this class". 

One to One 

Cost: £75

Delivered in your own home.

The session includes audio download tracks and handouts. 

What is Hypnomothering?

Hypnomothering is a three hour class for mums to be, new mothers, and moms of young children. Developed by two hypnotherapists, each a mother of twins, this fun, practical class teaches mothers easy and fast self-hypnosis techniques to  make the most of limited sleep, keep calm and balanced on challenging days, and find focus and mindfulness amidst the myriad of feelings that mothers face.

Is Hypnomothering More than Self-Hypnosis Techniques? 

Yes. A Hypnomothering class provides insight and encouragement for every mum at any point on her mothering journey. Hypnomothering aims to equip each mum to clarify her basic needs during baby’s early months, and feel empowered to create her optimum support system. The class explores social and cultural pressures around mothering, and invites each mother to balance the information overflow while acting confidently on her own mothering instincts.

Is Hypnomothering for Me?

Hypnomothering is for you if you’re looking to enhance your mothering with more calm, balance, and energy. No hypnosis background is required, and classes are available for women at all stages in the mothering journey.


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