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Antenatal Awareness Workshop

Antenatal Awareness is a useful workshop to help any volunteers or paid workers that are working with women expecting a baby, understand more about pregnancy, birth and early days of caring for a baby.


Although some participants may be parents themselves and may have experienced birth, it is very different talking to someone about their antenatal care in pregnancy.  Being able to talk through with a service user what their body will do in labour, empower them and give them confidence for birth as well as talking through their choices is really important.

Leanne said "I really enjoyed this course. There was a good mix of talking and chances to participate. I have learn't a lot and thought it was very informative - Thank you"


Many more women now want to have more empowerment, to be heard and to have a positive birth experience where they feel they have been informed of their choices.  This starts with volunteers and paid staff in supporting roles to offer this and open up the conversation with these women and their families.  By having positive discussions in pregnancy about birth can help a woman have a positive birth experience.

In February 2016 a national publication known as the Maternity Review ~ Better Births was published, underpinning the need for services to change and become more women centered, promoting choice and empowerment to expecting women.  You can read a summary of this review here.

Aim: To familiarise participants with antenatal knowledge and to have an awareness of encouraging a positive birth experience for women and their families.


  • Have an understanding about the history of birth.

  • To know the language used in birth

  • To take part in understanding women's choices.

  • To have increased knowledge about physiology in pregnancy.

  • To understand how hormones work in birth.

  • To understand what is needed to make a positive birth environment.


The workshop is very interactive using resources, group discussions, pair work


The course content is:

History of Birth

Language in Birth

Am I allowed?

Physiology of Birth


Getting labour started

Birth Environment

 Stages of labour

Pain relief

Positioning for labour

Baby/Infant Loss


Resources you can use


With front line workers knowing more about these topics it can really empower a parent in terms of feeling really comfortable and at ease as well as giving the volunteer or paid worker confidence in supporting women in their pregnancy.

Ideally the course is ran over 5 hours minimum.


By opening up these conversations in pregnancy we are providing support to pregnant women and supporting them with their choices for birth.  When we do this we are contributing to lessening the impact of negative birth experiences that women are having.


Each participant will receive

**Handouts from the session**

**Access to online forum of EBM educators**

**Certification of Attendance**

"Very informative session - very knowledgeable trainer.  Loved the fact that you didn't put anyone on the spot to give an answer -  felt very comfortable session - Thank you"


The cost of this course is £550*

*Full fee is payable 8 weeks prior to the workshop taking place

*Delegates will need to bring their own lunch.

*Up to 20 participants


If you would like to know more about booking this workshop please to

contact me.



Please note: completion of this workshop does not mean you can give medical advice, always refer a service user to their midwife or medical care provider.


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