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Every Birth Matters ~ Teaching Code of Practice


Taking Care of Ourselves


It is important for participant to acknowledge their boundaries and take care of themselves in the teaching environment.  I encourage participants to do this as well as take care of one another. There are a number of my courses that can cause some emotional reaction so I do stress if you feel this maybe an issue please talk to me beforehand.


I aim to create a safe learning environment for all participants attending my courses whether face to face or online.  Any participant found to be rude, disrespectful or discriminatory will be asked to leave. Please see Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.


All training rooms will have a risk assessment completed prior to delivery of each course. 

Every Birth Matters does not accept any liability in case of illness, accident, loss or damage to personal effects or property on any of our courses and workshops.


Session Agreement


To achieve maximum benefit from my training, participants should feel safe and secure in their learning. In order to facilitate this, the following are some expectations for the training that I expect participants to agree to:


  • Everyone will be encouraged to contribute

  • Listen without interrupting

  • No mobile phones

  • Respect for others' experiences and feelings

  • Be aware of diversity issues and promote an anti-biased approach

  • Avoid the use of jargon

  • Respect confidentiality – unless a child or vulnerable adult is at risk of harm

  • Use the expertise in the room

  • No question is too ‘naive’

  • Respect the need for any member of the group to leave the training if needed

  • Challenge a view but not the person





Within all of my training I have an expectation of professionals understanding and respecting confidentiality. All activities/scenarios have been anonymised.  All participants should be mindful that if they are sharing examples of practice they must not use the real names of the people involved.

The expectation is that clients (parents and children) and health care practitioners will not be identifiable by a third-party. It is impossible to know if anyone in the training has any connection with a case you might be using as an example, so we must respect confidentiality at all times.  


As the course trainer it is my responsibility to protect and respect the confidentiality of all participants. If I am concerned by a participant’s contributions or actions I will raise my concern with the individual if appropriate, this may require me getting further information and support from other services regarding this matter.  This will be discussed with you on the day.



Equality and Diversity

Every Birth Matters promotes training and development opportunities that do not discourage or discriminate against anyone taking part in the programme. We are respective age, gender, race, religion, sex, disability etc

I will make every effort to support any individuals specifically with any arrangements or adaptations should they be required in order to access the training.

I will monitor participation and identify any actions that may be required to support participants through their learning.



Conditions of Booking


  • Participants will not receive a refund for non-attendance.

  • Participants will not receive a certificate if they do not stay till the end of the course.

  • Participants must sign the attendance register - when face to face.

  • To complete an evaluation of training whether at the workshop or online.

  • To contact Every Birth Matters regarding any feedback they wish to give.


Cancellation by the participant:

  • Transfer to another course date if available

  • No refund of deposit after 14 days (Please see other conditions if full payment has been made - this is course dependent). 

Where possible please find someone to attend in place of you or alternatively book onto another course.


Cancellation by Every Birth Matters will result in being offered a place on another course or a full refund.


Leaving Early:

Delegates, who leave early with more than one hour of the course left to run, will have deemed to have not completed the training and will not receive a training certificate for their personal development portfolio.


Complaints and Feedback

If you   are not happy with any aspect of the training you have taken part in please contact me directly to discuss this at


Respectfully I ask you to contact me before discussing your complaint with anyone else so we have an opportunity to respond and put it right.


August 2020. 


07751 077755

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