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Exploring how we can support pregnant people with hypnobirthing. 

Solution Focused 

Exploring and practising skills.


Developing and building our understanding of safeguarding skills

Introduction to Hypnobirthing

Practice Skills

I am really excited to be bringing you this exciting course.  I have hypnobirthed two of my five children and I have been teaching hypnobirthing over the last 4 years whilst working as a doula. A lot more women are turning to hypnobirthing now as a way of preparing for a more calm and comfortable birth - so I want to help you have more knowledge and understanding of what hypnobirthing is and how best you can support pregnant people antenatally, through labour when they are in your care and postnatal too. 

One thing to note is that hypnobirthing women are normal people and we should not label them as anything more or make judgements of their chosen birth preparation - it is not a hippy thing. This course will give you confidence to support a hypnobirthing mother in your care.

About the course: 

This is a three hour certificated workshop, the certification will state "Completed Introduction to Hypnobirthing practice Skills" - the learning outcomes we cover will be presented on the back of the certificate. Again, you can put this certificate on you UCAS application.

Learning outcomes: 

- To understand what Hypnobirthing is and why women are choosing it

- To identify key changes in history that underpins Hypnobirthing

- To understand the human body's response to Hypnobirthing 

- To understand and practice language skills of Hypnobirthing

- To understand and experience hypnosis

- To understand the elements of Hypnobirthing practice

- To write and practice a relaxation script for using with women.

- You will also have access to a secure page with key resources to support 

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Introduction to

Solution Focused Therapy

Practice Skills

Solution focused therapy is a technique of being able to help a person refocus a stress or issue and think about it from a solution focused perspective rather than a negative one. This technique helps people forward think to solutions rather than going over the same issue that potentially cannot be changed.  This therapy technique gives power and control back to the person who is the expert in their world.  This gives empowerment and confidence for the person to determine "what needs to change".  As practitioners we cannot always fix situations quickly for people, but using SFP skills we can help people regain focus and give them the confidence to take action and move forward. 

About the course:

This is a three hour workshop that is certificated, the certificate will state "Introduction to Solution Focused Therapy Practice Skills", the learning outcomes will be displayed on the back of the certificate, and this can also be put on your UCAS form as other training/qualifications obtained. 

Learning outcomes:

 -To have a brief understanding of SFP

 -To know three techniques to use with a family/parent you are working with

 - To understand the development of SFP

 - To observe SFP

 - To demonstrate and practice SFP skills

 - To identify where SFP is useful to use 

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Introduction to

Safeguarding Practice Skills

This is such a fundamental area of what we do and it can also be a very hard area to work in.  I have worked in Safeguarding for the last 13 years and i really want this workshop to support people with feeling more confident about talking about concerns as well as developing your confidence and questioning skills. This workshop is open to anyone who really wants to understand more and gain confidence.

About the course:

This is a three hour workshop that is certificated, the certificate will state "Introduction to Safeguarding Practice Skills", and the learning outcomes will be displayed on the back of the certificate. You can also list this as an additional qualification on your UCAS application.

Learning outcomes:

 - To understand the importance of Safeguarding within healthcare

 - To identify the categories of abuse for children and adults.

 - To understand the importance of record keeping that safeguard your practice.

 - To identify skills of talking to a family about concerns. 

 - To develop your questioning skills 

 - To understand you role in Safegaurding

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                          £35   (Reference course name)

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