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Online Courses

I am really excited to be bringing you this exciting opportunity to complete all my certificated courses online. This will give all aspiring midwives and doulas the opportunity to learn lots more about that will underpin their applications for midwifery or work they are currently doing whilst engaging with lots of other learners on a safe platform. 

Please take a look at the courses on offer - It is one price for all courses offered here, and yes you get a certificate for each. 

ALL modules that are completed will issue you with a certificate that you can link to your UCAS application. 

Introduction to Hypnobirthing in Practice

Exploring how we can support pregnant people with hypnobirthing. 

Introduction to Domestic Violence Abuse

Developing and building our understanding of Domestic Violence Abuse

Introduction to Breastfeeding Awareness

Developing awareness of breastfeeding and the importance of support.

Introduction to Solution Focused Practice 

Exploring and practising skills.

Introduction to Personal Safety in Practice

Developing an understanding of how to keep myself safe in practice.

Introduction to Parental Mental Health

Developing understanding of mental health issues for new parents.

Introduction to Safeguarding in Practice

Developing and building our understanding of safeguarding skills

Introduction to Consent in Practice

Developing my awareness of consent in relation to maternity practice.

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Introduction to hypnobirthing Skills

Learning outcomes: 

- To understand what Hypnobirthing is and why women are choosing it

- To identify key changes in history that underpins Hypnobirthing

- To understand the human body's response to Hypnobirthing 

- To understand and practice language skills of Hypnobirthing

- To understand and experience hypnosis

- To understand the elements of Hypnobirthing practice

- To write and practice a relaxation script for using with women.

- You will also have access to a secure page with key resources to support 

Approximate learning time 1-3 hours. 

Introduction to Solution Focused therapy Skills Practice

Learning outcomes:

 -To have a brief understanding of Solution Focused Practice (SFP)

 -To know three techniques to use with a family/parent you are working with

 - To understand the development of SFP

 - To observe SFP

 - To demonstrate and practice SFP skills

 - To identify where SFP is useful to use

Approximate learning time 1-3 hours.


All this learning is online, giving you control of your study time. 

Introduction to safeguarding in practice

Learning outcomes:

 - To understand the importance of Safeguarding within healthcare

 - To identify the categories of abuse for children and adults.

 - To understand the importance of record keeping that safeguard your practice.

 - To identify skills of talking to a family about concerns. 

 - To develop your questioning skills 

 - To understand you role in Safegaurding

Approximate learning time 1-3 hours.

Introduction to Domestic Violence Abuse

Expand further on your knowledge by taking this in depth course into learning more about domestic abuse and the impacts on pregnant women/people and their children. 

Learning outcomes:

 - Identify domestic abuse

 - Understand how domestic abuse develops 

 - Identify behaviours of perpetrators 

 - Identify how domestic abuse impacts on a pregnant mother and children

 - Identify ways of supporting women through domestic abuse - how to ask the question.

 - Understand responsibility for reporting domestic abuse

Approximate learning time 2-4 hours.

Introduction to personal safety

Learning Outcomes: 

- Coopers Colour Codes

- Fight or Flight

- Parking

- Returning to Your Vehicle

- Home Visits (Preparation / Attending)

Approximate learning time 1 hour.

Introduction to Consent

Learning outcomes:

 - Identify what consent is

 - Acknowledge myths and the law

 - Understand Informed consent

 - Consent in maternity

 - Communicating consent

Introduction to Breastfeeding awareness

Learning outcomes:

 - Identifying global guidance

 - Acknowledge issues of support

 - Understand Infant feeding options

 - Identify what you can do to support 

 - Communicating options.

Introduction to Parental Mental Health

Learning outcomes:

 - Identify what is mental health

 - Acknowledge the importance of addressing issues of mental health

 - Understand Impacts on the family

 - Understanding sources of support



Refund Policy: 
Your right to cancel and receive a full refund starts the moment you pay your course fee and is valid for 24 hours from point of payment minus a £5 administration charge. Once you have been issued with your course log in and password, you are no longer eligible for a refund. 


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