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About Me

Hello, I am Katy and thank you for wanting to find out more about me. I live in Birmingham with my husband and five children, which is absolutely rewarding and challenging at the same time especially being a working mom.


Before becoming a doula I was birth companion for the birth of Leah, Lexx, Avah-Rose and Lewis. These experiences were amazing for me and I loved every minute of being part of their births and being there for 3 special ladies and their partners in one of the most beautiful moments of their lives.  

I have been in awe of pregnancy and childbirth for a long time and I haven't known what road to go down until now, after my 4th baby was born using hypnobirthing.


The birth of my children have been the most beautiful moments of my life.  I completely value and understand that the miracle of life is to bring to life into the world. When I reflect and look at my births they were all different and yes there were things I would question when I look back, although I don't torment myself over those things, I accept and embrace my experiences.


I have had 5 vaginal births for my 4th and 5th baby using hypnobirthing and I had a pain free, focused and relaxed birth. Some people might not believe it, but its true, I know what pain in childbirth is like and I didn't experience this. I said that if it worked I would become a practitioner so that I can pass this wonderful technique onto other couples because birth matters to us all.  I decided that I wanted to support women to help them understand they have options, they can be in control and they can have the confidence to choose what they want for their birth as well as approach special circumstances with calm and confidence.  I used hypnobirthing with my 5th baby also, who was a whopping 11lb 13oz.


I feel very privileged to have the experience I have and I have loved every aspect of my work even the difficult times.  I now love supporting women and their partners at the very beginning where life begins and support women and their families in beginning their journey of parenthood in the most positive way they can.  I do not make judgements of anything the most important thing is for women and their partner to feel safe and nurtured.

I birthed without fear and it was amazing! it is possible and you can do it too.


If you would like to read my hypnobirthing story click here.


If you believe me or not that is okay, as I was unsure at first, but hypnobirthing changed my life. Give me a call or email and we can discuss what HypnoBirthing or Doula Support can do for you.

Katy - HypnoBirthing Educator & Doula

07751 077755

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