Mom to Lewis and Leah

I had Katy as my birthing partner twice. First with my eldest daughter, and then with my youngest, my son.

I had my first child when I was 18 years old and Katy was an amazing support throughout my pregnancy and my labour. I was young and afraid of what was going to happen, my parent was unable to support me through my pregnancy and through the birth, so Katy had taken on a lot with me as I didn’t really have any other support, and she took it in her stride. She was there when I needed her help, support or a shoulder to cry on when my hormones were running wild! Reassuring me when I felt anxious about anything. during my labour with my daughter she was at my side, holding my hand, comforting me and holding me up literally as I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl.


Katy was there, supporting me through my second pregnancy, she came to appointments with me, helping me when I had a decision to make, she would talk things through with me to make sure that I was okay with what the doctors had explained to me. Unfortunately, Katy was unable to be there at the birth as I had a caesarean section, but she was a great support throughout my pregnancy.


My third pregnancy was a little stressful but Katy was there to support me all the way. I was planning on having a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) as my experience with my second pregnancy was not pleasant. Katy was a massive support to me and my husband. She came with me to my appointments, helped me address my concerns with the medical staff. The day that I went into labour, 6 days overdue, I had had some terrible news, a friend of mine had passed away unexpectedly, which of course affected my emotions which affected my labouring and birth, I struggled to stay in control of what was happening to my body or stay calm during the 21-hour labour. Katy helped me through one of the most difficult time of my life, which should have been a joyful time. Thanks to Katy being such a great friend and supporting birthing partner I was able to make it through those 21 hours of emotional turmoil and feel the happiness of welcoming my new bundle of joy into the world. Katy was that committed to my care and needs that she helped me take my first shower after the birth as I needed physical support and daddy was bonding with our baby.

Not only is she an amazingly caring, supporting, and considerate person, she is my friend of 20 years and without the love and support of her I would never have gotten through those 20 years. She truly is an amazing lady.  xx


Mom to Avah-Rose

Me and Katy have been friends for over 20yrs now and I couldn't have asked for better support at the birth of my daughter.  After my first experience where me and my partner felt alone and scared, I felt reasurred that having kate with me this time made me feel confident about birth


I was so glad she was there to help me through the contractions and she supported me with my choice to have a epidural.  Katy kept me going through the breathing and encouraging me, she didn't leave my side form start to finish, which was so useful as my partner was just as exhausted.

I was so glad to have her as my birthing partner she remained calm when I was panicking and she made me feel at ease when I felt tense, I'm glad she enjoyed the experience as much as I did! x

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