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Birth Matters Talk

Are you looking for a speaker for your event?


I’m a confident speaker, trainer and group facilitator with experience of speaking at events and workshops.


Women all across the world are experiencing different birth experiences which are impacting on their whole life in a negative way.  This amazing life time event is sacred and women want to be empowered, consulted and offered choice, which contributes more towards a positive birth experience.


Every Birth story is a powerful one, and the stories and information I share is adaptable to suit conferences, workshops, in house training and community groups. It would particularly suit themes of


  • Maternity

  • Supporting women and their families

  • Mental Health

  • Positive living

  • Empowerment of women

  • Women’s groups


I am also happy to deliver presentations about

  • Pregnancy ~ a moms perspective of the system

  • HypnoBirthing ~ The Mongan Method

  • What is a Doula?

  • Supporting women before and after birth.

  • Maternal Wellbeing 



Birth Matters looks at why it is important women and their families have a birth experience that is positive for them.  Women carry their birth story for life and when they don’t get the opportunity to ask questions and explore why certain decisions were made by their care givers, this impacts on their emotional wellbeing. I have been gathering information from moms around the UK about their maternal wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy and I will share this information within my talks if required. Sharing this data will give your audience a clear understanding of what women are experiencing in reality and how we can help.



Birth Matters talk usually lasts between 30-45 minutes including post discussion and questions. With experience of working in family support, I also talk about how practitioners can best support women and their families through pregnancy and the early days of parenting.



My fee is £60 per talk + travel expenses (from Birmingham).  I live in England. I am happy to travel to other countries with sufficient notice and payment in advance.

If you have specific requirements please get in touch.

To book a FREE discussion about your requirements click book now.





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