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Funded by The Laura Hyde Foundation

Support for Student
Midwives & Nurses

The support we offer to student midwives, nurses and those in their preceptorship years is a wonderful new project funded by The Laura Hyde Foundation. 

The delivery of this project is to give other forms of support for students and newly qualified midwives and nurses who may have experienced a situation that is impacting on their life - physically or emotionally.  We don't want anyone of you to feel alone and unsupported.

Please take a look at the support we offer below. 

No one should feel like they are struggling or have no way out.  We are here to help. 


In 3 simple steps, your accredited facilitator will take you on a journey using guided meditation to help lift heavy feeling that you are experiencing connected to an experience in your personal, educational or professional life. 

All support is offered free of charge and is strictly confidential. 

To register for support please complete the registration form. 

Peer Group Support

In a small group of no more than 6, you will be guided by a accredited facilitator to source solutions to issues or difficulties you may be experiencing connected to you personal, educational or professional life. The techniques we use are solution focused techniques.

All support is offered free of charge and is strictly confidential. 

To register for this support please complete the registration form.  There is a pre session form to complete.  


Donations can be made directly to The Laura Hyde Foundation 

On the Couch

Solution Focused Support

Solution Focused Support is delivered on a one to one basis over 3 sessions. This support uses techniques to help you manage feeling overwhelmed, stressed or looking for solutions. 

Through the sessions we divert away from problem focus to solution focus. This method helps the individual to shift the narrative from problem/fear to a desired and successful situation

This support is confidential.

Please register below.


07751 077755

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