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Fear in Pregnancy

Fear is a feeling we experience in many aspects of life. When we experience Fear in pregnancy it is very often about the pregnancy, birth or parenthood. Many women don’t ever realise how this can impact on our unborn child and the outcomes of our birth. Fear causes worry, anxiety, panic and stress which can impact on our pregnancy and birth experience. Usually women fear the unknown aspects of pregnancy or the perceived expected events that lie ahead.

So where does this fear come from? Fear in pregnancy can come from many things such as

  • a health condition that a woman may have,

  • whether they will have a healthy baby,

  • more common than not how am I going to birth my baby?

  • Women fear tearing or episiotomy,

  • having to have a C-section (or in some cases having a vaginal birth),

  • vaginal examinations,

  • the care providers attitudes, feeling pressured and or not listened too

  • previous childbirth experiences

  • PAIN

as well as many more things which all the mommies out there will know.

We ask Why? Well we are constantly surrounded by this negative perception of attitudes which impact on how we view pregnancy and birth. They also create an expectation of what women and their birth companions should expect to experience. Some of these social attitudes are:

“Your having a big baby so that means you may tear or need an episiotomy”,

“labour is supposed to be painful”,

"Your mum constantly telling you how awful her birth was when she was having you"

"Television programs that constantly present birth in a poor, negative way"

“Friends or family member’s negative experiences being shared with you ” or

“being given the personal opinion of your care provider rather that their clinical opinion”

plus many more. This creates a fear and distorts women from believing in their body and their baby’s natural ability to work together in harmony to birth their baby.

So what can we do? There is a lot we can do, we can start by viewing pregnancy and birth as a natural and amazing event that is normal that has happened since life began. We can share positive stories and images of birth and aim to challenge negative attitudes and perceptions of birth. We should support and encourage women to follow/trust their instincts. Women should be fully informed with the correct information so they can make informed decisions and most of all we should support women to enjoy their pregnancies and build a picture of what they desire for birth. Taking time to relax and enjoy your pregnancy experience can contribute to a more positive outcome of birth. I think it is important to also remember no matter which way you birth your baby it should be a positive birth experience that hasn't carried the weight of fear.

Many women from around the world are supported by methods such as HypnoBirthing, Doula’s, Yoga, Massage and Positive birth groups/circles etc ~ I encourage every pregnant woman to source at least one that can support them in eliminating fear and replacing it with joy for birthing their baby.

I HypnoBirthed with my 4th baby, in a pool, in a birth centre after I was told I had to go to a obstetric delivery suite because I had a bleed in pregnancy. HypnoBirthing ~ The Mongan Method allowed me to relax, overcome fear and encouraged me to explore my desired birth and I got it 110%. Birthing my 10lb 13 baby with no tears or episiotomy, PAIN FREE within my perfect positive birth considering the circumstances. My HypnoBirthing experience has empowered me to become a Doula and teach HypnoBirthing classes across Birmingham and Solihull.

Changing perceptions of birth, one at a time. Rocking it big style......I am a Goddess! Every Birth Matters.

If you are expecting a baby or you know someone who is please share this with them and encourage them to seek out a local HypnoBirthing taster session.

Katy Hemus

Every Birth Matters

Doula & HypnoBirthing Practitioner

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