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Choices in Childbirth

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Choices in childbirth - what is this waffle all about.

Choices? I here you say, what's that then? A lot of women think that they don't have choices when it comes to their pregnancy and birth.  The most common being women not knowing they can refuse or decline what their care givers maybe offering.

I know that of late times have been very trying and to be honest a right mess, I am so devastated for women birthing their babies right now because quite frankly "C***D" has fucked it right up. Actually no we are 6 months in and hospitals are not lifting protocols to ease in the transition of the 2nd birth partner, women being supported through induction/early labour, partner attending their scans - the RCOG and the NMC changed their status on this a while ago - and the most infuriating thing of late is that some hospitals are making it more accessible whilst others are dragging their feet. You can join the #butnotmaternity online - this has to change and fast. Please do have a look at AIMS to for further information and support.

As a mother and a birth worker I feel devastated that I have personally experienced the feeling of not having a choice, and as a birth worker I hear women making decisions based on the fact that they feel they have no choice in their care that is being offered.

When our care providers are suggesting avenues of care for our pregnancy or birth, we encourage women to assess whether the option we are being offered is the right thing for them, using B.R.A.I.N can help us in making decisions and exploring our choices.

B - benefits

R - risks

A - alternatives

I - intuition

N - nothing

Many countries are different in terms of their care provided in maternity healthcare. Some women and their partners rely on independent midwives and doulas for support in their choices and hopes for a positive birth experience. Women should feel supported and encouraged to explore their choices in pregnancy and birth.  We have to trust women will make the right decisions for them, as something leads them to making their choice whether healthcare practitioners agree with it or not.

So why is choice for women important? Many women are experiencing trauma during birth and this is making women feel emotionally unwell following the birth of their baby. Usually when women are given choice and are listened to, this can make a lot of difference for their emotional outcomes following birth. Lets face it this story will never go away it is an experience that most never forget - so why are health care practitioners not being nicer to women and their partners?

If women are informed of their choices, and encouraged to make a decision based on what is right for them they are likely to have a positive birth experience as they will have felt part of the decision making rather than being told what to do and left wondering why the birth of their baby turned out the way it did or questioning why certain things happened.

If you really feel that your not being listened to perhaps you might want to consider having a doula.


If you want to know more about having a doula please do message me.

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