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Hypnobirth Story - Irene &Pete Birthing baby Chloe

Baby Chloe born at home on 26th July 2017.

My husband and I wanted to give birth in the calmness of our own home, so we were with the Homebirth

Team of Birmingham Women's hospital and we cannot praise them enough! Every midwife and health

care professional we met was fantastic! The care and support we received was just phenomenal!

My first surges started in the early hours of Friday (21st July) and were on and off for 5 days. Each night I

had 6-9 hour periods of frequent, but not strong enough contractions (or strong, but not frequent enough) while in the day hours the period of time between the surges was lengthening to 15-30 minutes. This made life very uncomfortable and sleep very difficult.

On call midwives from the Homebirth team were with us on Sat, Sun and Monday night. On the Monday night we sat and made a video for our baby asking her to come quicker as mama is tired, generally I was coping ok I think.

By Tuesday lunchtime I entered established labour and we decided to have the membranes released at 8:30 pm, and the labour re-started at 9:30 pm, at 10.30pm I felt the overwhelming sensation to push at 0:53 am on the 26/7/17 my little one was born weighting healthy 10 lbs (as predicted)!

She was born in water and it seemed like she hadn't even registered that she was out of the womb.

I think that breathing techniques are the key for me. I learn't a lot at HypnoBirthing class majorly helped us going and remain calm for this long. Thank you Katy for empowering to have the birth of our dreams! I didn't for a moment think “I need an epidural”.

Midwifes were super proud and they told us that they always know if expecting parents had done a HypnoBirthing course or not.

It wasn't easy, I did a lot of breathing, I’m still over the moon. You know how it works: you remember birth as easy-peasy pleasant experience and it truly was.

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