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What is missing?

My goodness how the time is flying, right. I haven't blogged in a while and there have been numerous reasons for this - gosh it has been a hard 12 months, I feel like have given so much of myself for others to the point where a started to feel I loosing part of myself and started to feel overwhelmed.

I came across this bench on my walk and my first thought was "who on earth would take this part of the bench" - perhaps someone in need right? However this part of the bench was needed for the structure of the bench and others to sit and feel comfortable yes? Then I realised when looking at this that when people take energy and goodness from someone they are in effect stealing from the structure that often is needed for others. In simple terms when I give so much of myself to others or I let them take it, my structure is damaged and that means I am not functioning as well as I should be for my children. Wow that was a lot from observing a damaged bench on my walk.

Managing my blogging has been hard because I have numerous ideas buzzing round my head to increase the service I offer to expectant parents and to that of new doulas beginning their preparation journey for doulaing. I have been procrastinating and it has not served me well.

EBM will be changing over the next few months and I am really excited to grow and progress, but it does feel so hard when you are spinning all the plates and often they need to be spinning at the same time, usually alone.

However I am a forward thinker and I am trying to move forward and so I am making a commitment to streamline my services, ensure that new doulas are getting a fantastic learning opportunity when booking their preparation training with me and to practice decision making Wim Hof Style with the breathing and cold showers.

Pieces of us I suppose dissolve over a period of time and this can occur through parenting too, however I am trying to realign myself and work more effectively whilst meeting the needs of my family.

Id love to know how you are balancing everything right now? What are you finding hard or managing well in life?

Big loves to you all.

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