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Your Vagina is amazing!

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I have had a pretty intense week and it leaves me thinking the vagina deserves a whole heap more respect. This may be an uncomfortable subject for you to read but hey, men are so free and easy to talk about their penis so why are we ashamed of our bodies – they are pretty incredible. Vaginas are responsible for so much, from the highest to the lowest, from the most intense pain and fear to the most powerful pleasure.

This week I have had the privilege of being welcomed into the birth space of an incredibly strong and courageous woman who otherwise would have birthed alone. The impact on the rest of the body and mind from contractions was at times overwhelming. The fear it can produce of what was going to happen to her vagina, wonder would she be cut and then to end with a whole human coming out of it. Seriously sit in that thought for a moment. Then to consider the misuse by medical staff, who use sticking their fingers up there as tool, the terror brought about by this incredibly intimate experience. I don’t know this ladies history but I do know that all women ought to be treated as though they are survivors of abuse, as a basic minimum standard of care and respect to our bodies.

I hope you have been able to experience the highs that it can create also, again affecting your whole mind and body in the moment. It is such a strong muscle, and connected to your whole sense of being and emotions. Finding myself in a new relationship I am all too aware of the power of feelings it can create. During the same week as supporting women experiencing such similar intensity of feelings however theirs unbearably as a negative not positive, I find myself reflecting on the contrast.

I have also had the equal honor to support an unbelievably heroic and courageous woman this week to attend her smear test with her. This being a big deal to any one of us, I for one dread the letter. But for someone who is a survivor of prolific abuse it becomes a whole different ball game. The long term impact of this is far too visible and heart wrenching, the power of the vagina, connected to the mind is something I am struggling to get my head around along with the power that someone else can have over your body.

It just draws me to sit and meditate on the vast contrast of highs and lows of physical and emotional feelings, pain, pleasure that this part of my body and every woman’s body can have. There is not another part of my body I can think of that can create such strong contrasts in pain and pleasure, the most intense feelings our body and mind can feel.

I am lucky enough to have experienced the positives my vagina can offer and only minimal of the negative experiences, it has birthed two beautiful children and I am delighted that the second birth brought about such highs during actually pushing her out in an undisturbed birth that it was quite possibly better than sex. But sadly this is rare, albeit possible.

Women’s bodies are amazing, childbirth can be so amazing and the vagina is at the core of it all. I hope your vagina is something to be respected and celebrated by yourself, your partner and any care givers you choose to give access to it. It’s time to speak up for our vaginas and start to offer them the love and respect they deserve.

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