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The power of the hour after birth

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

The amazing first hour after birth with your beautiful baby. Observe them, touch, smell and feel your beautiful baby that you have been growing and nurturing these last 9 months......amazing awesomeness just lying upon your chest as you breath in their sweet smell. A feeling like no other.

Many women still don't know about or recognise the first hour after birth as being a time for closeness, nurturing and attachment.

Keeping your baby close for what is known as "The Golden Hour" has ultimate benefits for you and baby.....things you might want to read up on are;

Delayed Cord Clamping - waiting for your baby's umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it is clamped.

Skin to Skin - having baby directly on Mum's chest/tummy or as close as possible

Bonding keeping baby close and calm

Breastfeeding - Check out the awesomeness of "The Breast Crawl"

No Matter how you give birth whether vaginally or by C-Section this still matters and is just as important to you and baby.

What else can you do..........well whatever you want to do. There is no need for baby to be taken from you to be weighed in that initial first hour, this can wait (providing you or your baby don't need assistance). I know it's nice to confirm who guessed babies weight right but hey whats another hour?

You may want to take some special first photos of the first hour of your baby's life, or you might want to say a prayer or sing to your baby, all of this matters and should be accommodated if that is your wish. No matter how you give birth, the golden hour is still important and supports a positive birth experience.

One of my biggest top tips to remember is; when you are ready to dress your baby, you or your partner can do it. It doesn't have to be a midwife and it is really sad when women are not given the choice, so if you want to dress your baby for the first time you do it. They are here and your now and it might seem a little daunting but you can do it, don't be afraid. Some hospitals are now letting partners stay over night, this is great especially if you feel you need a little more support. I am also going to emphasis here calling out for support for breastfeeding. Coming home with a new baby is special and having a support network such as women in your family, friends, BF support, a doula and other professionals can be helpful if you are anxious about breastfeeding. Build this network prior to birth if you can as it is worth its weight in gold if you struggle.

For any partners out there: this time is important for you too. You may feel exhausted, but soon comes the moment of feeling on cloud nine. Seeing your partner and baby before you, feeling safe, beginning your journey into caring for your newborn it all matters, this hour is important for Mum, partner and baby.

In fact you might want to think about the whole "Fourth Trimester". How do you want introduce your baby to the world and to the people in your life. It is different for a baby the sensations of being in your womb to then being out and exposed to the big wide world.

Take time to think about your first hour with your newborn.....what do you want to do?

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